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Fred Kuff, an industrial salesman in Baltimore, had the idea to build and operate a hot dip galvanizing facility. His friend, Dr. Irvin Golboro, a Baltimore dentist, agreed to join him as an investor. They did a market survey, by postcard, and concluded that there could be a reasonable chance of success.


The Southern Galvanizing Company opened in a rented facility on S. Howard St. in Baltimore. After a few years, a larger facility was needed so land was purchased and the business was built at 1620 Bush Street in Baltimore, where it still resides.


Equipment was becoming obsolete so a new Southern Galvanizing plant was designed to use the most modern equipment and the latest improvements for environmental sustainability. The plant was commissioned, constructed and began operation in 1987 with the widest and deepest kettle in North America. In the ensuing years, many U.S. plants adopted the systems that Southern Galvanizing pioneered.


Southern Galvanizing hired Keith Ewing, who brought high-level operations and management expertise. The business continued to grow and soon constructed an addition that doubled the size of the facility. Larry Hettleman joined Southern Galvanizing in 1996. Larry was the third generation of the Golboro/Hettleman family at Southern Galvanizing and in a few years was named President.


Larry was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma and after an 8 year battle, succumbed in 2011. Meanwhile, his brother, Jim Hettleman began to work at Southern Galvanizing is 2004. Jim assumed the Presidency following Larry’s passing and Keith Ewing was named Executive Vice President. Together, Jim and Keith assembled a top notch management team which continues to guide us to this day.


Southern Galvanizing, as a matter of principle, has always been committed to the greater good of the galvanizing industry. It has played major roles in the activities of The American Galvanizing Association supporting all of its activities and endeavors. It has given the AGA an unprecedented 4 presidents: Harold Breslau. Michael Hettleman, Bob Martin, and Keith Ewing coming in 2020. Two of Southern Galvanizing’s luminaries, Harold Breslau and Michael Hettleman, have also had the honor of being elected to The American Galvanizers Association Hall of Fame.

Southern’s philosophy has always and continues to be customer centered. As a small company, the decision-making process is efficient and very timely. We have always and will continue to be sensitive to customer’s issues and needs and do whatever it takes in terms of design and fabrication to ensure that the galvanized product will meet and exceed the specifications in every regard. We hope that our customers will see us as their own galvanizing department and feel comfortable asking for our support in any and every way.

This is being written in 2018, our 81st year. We are a 3rd generation company, a claim which not too many companies can make. We have not gotten here alone. Without the patronage of so many fine and valued customers, many of which have been with us for generations we would not be here.

Our customers are our strength. Our performance is our commitment.

our team abstract.jpg

our team

our team

our team

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jim hettleman

Jim joined the company as a third-generation family member in 2004. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree from Franklin & Marshall College and currently serves as the President and Chief Operating Officer.

Jim Hettleman
President & Chief Operating Officer
410 837-3838

keith ewing

Keith was hired in 1992 with a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Delaware and an MBA from Johns Hopkins University. He is an AGA Master Galvanizer and serves on the AGA Board of Directors and various sub-committees.

Keith Ewing
Executive Vice President
410 837-3843

dominic ottone

Dominic is a graduate of The Sheffield Institute and joined the company in 2011, He is an AGA “Think Zinc” program participant and now serves as Sales Manager.

Dominic Ottone
Sales Manager
410 837-3842

dante querci

Dante joined the company in 2018 with a Bachelor of Science from the University of Tampa. He currently serves as Manager of Customer Service & Scheduling.

Dante Querci
Manager, Customer Service & Scheduling
410 837-3839

mike mullen

Mike was hired as the Office Manager in 2011 with a Bachelor of Science from the University of Baltimore.

Mike Mullen
Chief Financial Officer
410 837-3841